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Art is like Fine Wine...It get's better with Time!

Hi my name is Shon and I named the site OyLnAyR pronounced (oil & air) because as an artist I love not only to do oil paintings, but to do airbrushing as well.  As long as I can remember I've always loved art and have delved into other mediums as well, including digital art.  I would consider myself a well rounded Graphic Designer/Fine Artist.  I love to expand my talent and share whatever knowledge I may have learned throughout my years as an Graphic Designer/Fine Artist with others.  If one thing I have learned in life is that you are never to old to learn anything.   Life can be as simple as black and white and it's always nice to let a little color in sometimes too!  Anyway, I hope you like some of what you see and feel free to leave comments, both pros and cons, but please be respectful and courteous as others will be reading the comments.   Thanks and enjoy!



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